Virtual Practice focuses on management mentoring, firm organization and staff development, specifically tailored to the small design practice. We work with small firms (usually 5 to 10 employees) on two tracks. In our view, the principal of a small but growing firm must focus on two important areas: finding more work and establishing continuity with respect to the firm’s design vision. Given the limited time available to a busy principal, we serve as the bridge or liaison between principal and staff. We function as the firm’s operations director in "time share" fashion.

We meet with each project manager on a regular basis to confirm that they are on schedule and that they understand the scope of their assigned project. We work with staff to identify changes to the contract or scope of work that might warrant legitimate requests for more time or fee. In the appropriate phase, we work with staff to determine if construction is on schedule and on budget. After we have completed our project "rounds", we meet again with the principal to discuss our findings.

At Virtual Practice, we’ve established a necessary service that few others provide. Ours is a niche
market with great potential.
2007 Virtual Practice Consulting